Fitness Professional, Athlete, Personal Trainer, & Coach

As a competitive dancer from her toddler years throughout high school, Jen’s always been happiest in motion.
Born and raised in the New York City Area, Jen graduated with a degree in both Dance & Journalism
from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Jen’s passion for fitness stems from using training to aid in recovery from athletic injuries. As with many professional sports, high intensity & overuse led her to a hip flexor injury early on, followed by some less serious sprains and pulls throughout her dance career. Now Jen trains to be a well-rounded athlete; mixing powerlifting, metabolic conditioning, kettlebells, mobility/injury prevention, yoga, sprinting, rowing, gymnastics, pilates, dance, meditation, breathing, body awareness etc. In addition to being physically fit, Jen also believes in being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fit. As a teen eating disorder survivor, Jen is equally passionate about the mental aspects of living a healthy lifestyle.

With her clients, Jen shares her vast knowledge from all realms of fitness and creates a personalized fitness program based on each client’s goals, lifestyle, and desires. She brings a fun and relatable approach to fitness to both her clients and followers. Her goal is to teach others how to reach and sustain their health and fitness goals without an ‘all or nothing’ mentality. Rather than exercising solely to ‘look good’ or just for an upcoming event, Jen hopes to help others find enjoyment in the journey of transforming their lifestyle to one that’s both physically and mentally fit.